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Arada Stoves.


Digital Marketing Campaign.

As part of a fully integrated campaign, our objectives were to build brand awareness and demand for the products whilst broadening the appeal to a younger, more contemporary market. Our aims on the digital campaign were to generate more web traffic and improve Google rankings and overall, increase sales.


Our approach.

Our SEO research revealed that high numbers of wood burning stove searches referenced ‘colour’.

The client had no imagery of its coloured stoves and therefore no relevant content online to fulfil these searches.


So we designed and photographed on-trend colour imagery.


Implemented a focused digital campaign on the colour ranges.


Launched a dedicated social media campaign targeting key audiences, building brand awareness and generating direct enquiries.


Ran a PR campaign, targeting consumer, lifestyle, national and online press.


Created bespoke blogs, collaborated with influencers and produced new engaging content.


The result.

At the end of year one of the new digital marketing campaign, Arada’s sales were up by £1.3m… and we’re pleased to say that stock was running at an all time low at the end of the year!


“We have sold much more over the past 3 months, that’s your fault!”


Jon Butterworth
Arada Director


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