Bert Frank


We have generated coverage in a wide variety of media for this new luxury lighting company, from interiors blogs to high-end magazines and international press titles such as Elle Decoration - the world's biggest-selling interiors magazine.

"In The White Room has pitched our products at exactly the right market."

Robbie Llewellyn, Bert Frank

Bert Frank Interiors PR Campaign
Bert Frank Lighting PR Campaign

A contemporary interior statement

Expertly crafted in the UK, Bert Frank offers a high-end range of exclusive designs with a mid-century influence.


Bert Frank National Press Coverage

Spun metal shades create striking light

As featured in Elle Decoration UK, the world’s highest selling luxury modern interiors magazine, Bert Frank’s original creations are designed to last a lifetime in a backlash against today’s throw-away culture.


Bert Frank PR Exposure

A penchant for pendants

Bert Frank’s versatile range of pendants attracted a lot of press attention from a wide variety of media, appearing in range of features from interior news and shopping pages to styled decoration shoots.


Bert Frank Press Coverage

Unique designs with international appeal

Unique and exclusive creations ensure wide media coverage for Bert Frank, including features within international titles.


Bert Frank Press Exposure

Bert Frank’s original lighting designs, alongside a willingness to loan products to journalists and editors, generate coverage in a diverse range of luxury publications.