Gemini Tiles


As part of Gemini Tiles’ online marketing launch campaign, the design team developed an identity that would sit across all of the newly created social media platforms. Ensuring a continuation of brand identity, our creative team worked with and updated the existing logo to create a social media brand identity that is both flexible as well as easily recognisable.

Gemini Tiles Logo.jpg
Gemini Tiles.jpg


Incorporating a simple yet effective design element into the logo has allowed the Gemini Tiles brand to develop a strong and recognisable social media presence. As an easily changeable design, the social media brand identity is able to remain on trend and inspirational through changing colour themes whilst remaining true to the brand.



Social Media

Supporting the social media launch campaign, the new brand identity enables the Gemini Tiles platforms to remain eye-catching and on trend. Incorporating corresponding colours and themes depending on ongoing campaigns and content ensures that the branding is fully integrated into the ongoing activity.


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Online Content

A fundamental part of the Mood Collections brand launch was the social media and digital campaign. Our in-house creative department developed a number of inspirational photography roomsets where specially produced animations and visual content was shot and edited. This engaging and interactive content served to enhance the brand’s entire online presence and ensured Mood Collections stood out thanks to this creative visual content.