Noa & Nani Social Media & Digital Campaign


Nöa & Nani is an online brand specialising in affordable family furniture. In The White Room runs a complete social media and digital marketing service for the company, working on the ongoing campaign, digital advertising and management and content creation.


Online Content

From creative direction and conception, to filming and post production, our team develops engaging and unique content for Nöa & Nani that will appeal to the brand’s target audience.



Digital Advertising

The aim behind the ongoing social media and digital campaign is to increase brand awareness, clicks to website and online purchases through engaging and informative content. 



Converting to Sales


Through the implementation of sophisticated tracking codes into the website, our digital team is able to retarget website users on social media based on their web activity to increase online sales. The social media campaign has successfully grown Noö & Nani’s online presence and sales through our curated digital marketing strategy.