An online children’s boutique offering a contemporary range of furniture and accessories, Nubie’s social media campaign needed to engage with a targeted audience. Our team of social media and digital strategists creates impactful and effective content that is highly shareable, engaging with Nubie’s followers and optimising web traffic. Combined with a digital advertising budget, we have successfully generated and increased interaction for the brand, through playful competitions, brand collaborations and interactive visuals.

Nubie - Modern Kids Boutique


Monthly Moodboards!

Our ‘Nubie Notebook’ graphic ensures Nubie demonstrates its expertise within the industry by recognising seasonal trends and colourways. The creative graphic helps put Nubie ahead of other online children’s retailers and is specifically created to be entirely sharable, further helping to develop the brand’s online visibility.

Nubie's Monthly Moodboards


Creative Content


Creating unique and original content is an effective way of engaging with an online audience, helping to shape your brand identity and set it apart from the competition. Our creative in-house team can design and produce impactful visual campaigns that do just that!

Nubie Creative Content


In It to Win It


In a move to maximise the impact of the TOYS animation, we ran a Facebook competition for Nubie, to win all of the toys featured in the campaign.  We produced a distinctive graphic that was targeted to specific audiences, encouraging interaction on the post. Through the use of captivating content, the campaign also aimed to increase Facebook page likes and page engagement in order to ultimately lead new and existing customers to the website.

Nubie Social Media Competitions


Influencer Campaigns 

‘Shelf-ie’ Blogger Collaboration

Our black book of bloggers is invaluable when it comes to creating unique and sharable online content. To enhance Nubie’s brand presence and engage with current and new followers, we teamed up with four key parenting influencers in a campaign we called, ‘Style your Shelf-ie’. Gifting each with a Nubie shelf, we set the bloggers the task of styling and sharing their ‘Shelf-ie’, which reached a huge number of relevant followers.