We were appointed to create a complete brand identity from the ground up for eclectic furniture manufacturer, RhubarbLondon. Offering a truly unique and niche product, it was essential to position the brand correctly through a strong visual identity to ensure that its core message would be translated clearly and effectively.



With any brand or company, it is imperative to create a consistent and recognisable visual personality, not only for ongoing brand awareness but also to inspire and engage a consumer audience. A logo is the most important aspect of any branding project; it should be instantly recognisable and impactful. Our talented designers conceived a striking and brand-appropriate emblem to represent RhubarbLondon, which would sit across all marketing material, website content and insignia. This was supported by a distinctive font and type style that was to be used consistently across all these areas alongside the brand logo.




Creating a strong and consistent brand voice, the newly created RhubarbLondon identity was rolled out across the entire company. Emblazoned on business cards, printed marketing material, showroom signage, event collateral and product insignia, the eye-catching and inspiring branding created by our design team really helped to bring the brand to life, showcasing the unique product range in its best light.




A website is often the first point of contact that a consumer will have with a brand, providing a platform to view the product offering and get to know the brand. An informative, dynamic and easy-to-navigate website was designed and built by our creative team that perfectly represented this aspirational brand’s identity. Supported by the striking photography that was shot by our in-house photographers, the website is both inspirational and informative, and is the perfect communicative tool for RhubarbLondon’s customer to browse its unique collection.



Social Media & Online Content

Taking the brand to the next step, we were appointed to run the RhubarbLondon social media platforms, where the brand’s voice, visuals and personality were able to reach its target audience in real time. On an ongoing basis, we create exciting and unique videos, GIFS and graphics to share across all areas of RhubarbLondon’s digital platforms, engaging its online audience with impactful and inspirational content.